Through Durable Audio Technology

To fulfill its mission to make missionaries and national workers much more effective in reaching oral-learning populations with the Good News of Jesus Christ using durable audio technology, Galcom currently offers:


Self-contained low-power FM station start-up platform with a collapsable high-gain antenna mast that enables a 15-20 mile signal radius.  Shippable as luggage by commercial airlines.


Solar-powered fix-tuned AM, FM, or shortwave radio receivers locked on to evangelical radio frequencies.


Solar-powered fix-tuned radio receivers that add a non-radio dependent audio Bible capability (for listening to heart-language audio Scriptures when the radio station may be off the air or at other times when desired)


Solar-charged audio Scripture players for heart-language Scripture access in areas where there is currently no Christian radio available.

Please contact us for more detailed information on these durable devices and how you can partner with us to send them to those who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.