Touching Hearts Through Trips

While Galcom has shipped radios and audio Bibles around the world to over 150 countries, we’ve also taken teams to distribute them face to face, heart to heart. We’ve always been so blessed to hear testimonies of how these devices have become so precious to those who receive them, bringing God’s Word, Bible teachings, and other vital information to those often in remote places. Imagine how much more impactful it is when someone travels to personally give you the gift of God’s word in your heart language and provides a connection to other believers through radio. It’s hard for those of us in developed areas of the world to imagine walking 2 or 3 days just to receive a radio or audio Bible, but we’ve seen it over and over again. There’s nothing like seeing joy shine from the eyes of one who are hearing God’s word in their heart language for the very first time. It’s a privilege to be the Lord’s vessel to bless others in this way. Wouldn’t you like to join us on a trip? Please pray and get in touch, and we’ll keep you notified of upcoming trips.